This Koi farm was built by my father Jerry McBride and I (Matt McBride) along with the help from my mother (Phyllis McBride) from 1997-2020.

He started off in the autobody industry, and started his own shop in 1978. Around 1997 he and my Mother fell in love with Koi and started keeping them in a 1500 gallon pond. The hobby grew from there and started to overflow into the autobody shop. He set up a dozen 1000 gallon stock tanks in the back and started selling Koi, building up the farm here in the process. Over the last 20+ years we have been building our farm, and raising koi from beautiful Japanese Koi stock. We now have 30 large mud ponds and more gallons of filtered water than I can count on our 65 acre Koi farm. Sadly he passed away in July of 2020, but I will keep doing what we do, as that is what he would have wanted.

Jerry W. McBride 1951-2020


My father (Jerry) and Mother (Phyllis) My wife (Hailey) and I (Matt)

Hand selected Japanese Koi from Ogata, Sakai, Momotoro, Koda, Kase, Shinoda, and Yamazaki.
We have domestic Koi raised from these bloodlines in 4″ through 20″.

Also longfin Koi from Suda and Yamazaki Koi farms.

We also have longfin Koi raised from parent stock from these bloodlines.

We sell both Wholesale and Retail.